During your training you will be amazed, how much your puppy learns and how much fun you both can have. As you progress up through the classes you will hear about people competing in Competition Shows and as soon as your trainer thinks you are ready you can be guided in the finer aspects of competing, if you wish to enter shows.

You would start at the level of Elementary Beginners and work your way up to the difficult “C” class – And what seems impossible now, might not in a year or two.

Agility training is offered for those who would like to do this, which is included in your training fee, see below.

We will attempt to train you and your dog from knowing next to nothing up to the top class, which in shows terms means, we train from Elementary Beginners through to “C”, test as define by KUSA.

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We will assist you with shows if you wish to enter them.

There is also an introduction to agility work.

The dogs learn what we are showing them quicker than you will, so we also train you on handling your dog.

Different trainers and handlers find different techniques work for them, so within the limits of what we are teaching, you might find different methods are given to you from trainer to trainer. Find what works for you and use it, there is no right and wrong method, and methods do change, as people come up with new ideas that work.

Always end each exercise on a positive note, if you dog does what you wanted it to do, reward it and do not do it again at that point in time, because next time it more then likely will fail, and the failure is what the dog will remember.

If a dog runs away and comes back – reward it – you see it running away, but the dog sees it as “I came back to you – so reward!

If dog not only listens to your voice, but also to your eyes and body language.

To avoid slipping and falling we suggest you wear takkies or rubber soled shoes, not flip-flops.

Graduation from the classes above puppy class depends upon you and your dog’s achievements.

We all use the agility equipment and we request that at the end of the lesson you assist in packing the equipment away.