The JDS school year runs from the middle of January to the end of November. In November, we have a few fun days, and our prize- giving at the end-of year lamb on the spit, which is included in your fees.

Fees are payable in advance, before your first lesson. We offer a reduce membership fee for family membership, where more then one dog is being trained. Single members get a reduce rate on their second and subsequent years fees.

We do not let children under the age of twelve (14) train a dog at the club, and we reserve the right to refuse to allow older children to train, if in our opinion they will not be able to handle the dog later on.

Remember a dog grows faster than a child and the child might be able to handle the dog currently, but not in a few months time. Also the dog will see the child as a “sibling” and not as “t he boss”.

If you are not able to attend any particular class, please do not send the dog with someone else, this will only confuse the dog –as most of the training is towards the handler.

We work on positive enforcement of actions, and hitting or punishing your dog will not be tolerated by neither KUSA or The JDS.

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General training is from 15.30 to 16.30 hrs each Saturday during summer and 14:30 to 15:30 during winter.

Agility training is offered and is included in your training fee. Agility starts one hour before the times given above.

JDS is a Member of the KUSA Association